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At the moment this site just contains recent photographs taken in Thailand. I intend to update it later to include photographs of other subjects. If you have any comments, please contact me by email. Also, if you wish to use any of my photographs for commercial purposes or use me for a photographic assignment, again please contact me. This site represents only a small sample of my recent work.

John Lancaster
26th May, 1999


(Updated 25th May,1999)
A former capital of Thailand famous for its temples.
Koh Mak
(Updated 25th May,1999)
An island which is not yet overdeveloped. It is in eastern Thailand not far from Cambodia.
Koh Mak with a Cat
(Written 2nd Feb, 1999)
The story of our first trip to Koh Mak at the end of December, 1998.
It provides a certain insight into low budget travel that cannot be gained from just photographs.
Northeast Thailand
(Updated 11th July,1999)
Life in the Thai countryside.
Northern Thailand
(Updated 26th May,1999)
The photographs were taken in the Khun Yuam, Mae Hong Song, Soppong area. There are many photographs of the Karen including those with long necks and long ears, Lisu and Meo hilltribe people.
Northern Thailand on a Bike
(Updated 17th June,1999)
The story of our journey in the Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Song area. We travelled around on a small but effective little Honda.
Other parts
(Updated 26th May,1999)
A general assortment of photographs.

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